This week, we came to one of remarkable guitar-makers in Cebu, the Alegre guitars. They export their guitars to many foreign countries, besides they only sell their guitar in the factory. So, if you want to buy a guitar in Cebu, please come here and buy one. In addition, Alegre guitars are made of indigenous materials, from the type of wood being used to the shell ornaments, which make one unique instrument.


這禮拜的體驗課我們來到的是在宿霧小有名氣的Alegre guitars吉他工廠,這家工廠除了吉他外銷國外之外,販賣的據點只在工廠內,所以如果在宿霧想要買吉他,那就務必來這家工廠看看。另外,Alegre guitars用來製作吉他的材料從外表的裝飾到吉他本身的木料,全部採當地材料來製作,這也是為什麼他們的吉他會這麼的獨特,不同於一般的吉他。




The prices of guitars depend on wood material used and the complexity of guitars’ structure. The more complicated it is, the higher the price. Relatively, the sound quality is still better.








According to the staff, an ordinary guitar making needs to spend one week. On the other hand, the highest quality needs to spend a whole month.







Some teachers and students love guitars who showed off their guitar skill to us. It’s strike a chord.







We were enjoying a lot to the wonderful music in our experience class.


這天的體驗課我們相當享受的沉浸在美妙的音樂之中,啊! 不想回台灣~~~




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