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Questions part 1:







Why do you choose Philippines to learn English?


a.  The price is cheaper than other countries.

b.  In here it has 1 on 1 class but the other countries don’t have.  






What is the most important cause why do you want to come to NexSeed?


NexSeed has the regular English class especially has the experience class.








What makes you want to go abroad to learn English?


Because I want to stay in an all English environment. It forces me to speak in English.  And I can learn many basic languages from abroad life.






What is your experience about learning English in Taiwan? What is your suggestion to someone who wants to learn English to go abroad?


In Taiwan, my English teachers were always focus on grammar and reading. Because we need to  prepare English for our entrance exam. I almost don’t have a chance to speak in English.

I would like to suggest whoever wants to learn English to go abroad that the priority is lay the foundation of your English grammar. Then you can be more efficient in learning English in a foreign country.





Questions part 2:









What surprised you the most when you arrived in Philippines? What was broken for Philippines’s  stereotype?


I was surprise at the chaotic traffic when I just arrived in Cebu.  There are many cars in the city, but there are only a few traffic lights. It is very difficult to cross the road and I usually can’t catch the right time.

I had been considered that Philippines was a very dangerous country and the law and order was not good. But I found the law and order are not as bad as I imagined. (But I think they are also not very good.) You need to be careful of your belongings and your safety.   








What is your first impression of NexSeed?


The school is not big. Most of the students are Japanese.







Tell us what are the most impressive in the learning process?


We usually don’t focus particularly on speaking and pronunciation in Taiwan. But after I came to Philippines,I found out that I can’t distinguish and speak the right sound in English. For example, the sound of /ey/、/ε/ and /e/. Beside the pronunciation class, I also usually be corrected in other classes. Because there are too many times I was corrected so I am very impress in these pronunciations.







Can you share with us about one of your teacher’s teaching method that has the greatest impact on you? What is the most helpful thing you learn from your English class?


Each teacher has their own way in teaching English. So, there are different effects for me. In my view, none of them gave the greatest impact or least impact to me.They have their own way. But the biggest common ground is that all of my  teachers corrected  my pronunciation and grammar. Also they taught me more English words. I think it is helpful for my pronunciation skills.  





Have you ever had a goal to learn English? So far, did you follow this goal?


I hope I can have obvious improvement on my listening,speaking,reading and writing in English. Especially, speaking in English. And I also hope I can be fluent in talking with others. I think I had an obvious improvement on speaking in English when I came to Cebu after first week. So far, there is still a long distance goal. But I will keep it up. I will learn more English words to remember and to improve my skill.




Questions part3:










Can you share your way of learning English and living in Cebu?


On weekdays, I get up at 7 :30 in the morning. And then I take a van to school. Until 4:50 in the afternoon. I take another van again to go back to my dormitory.

After I finish my classes, I usually eat dinner with my friends. Then, I do my homework in dorm room.

On weekends, we arrange a day to have a trip or go to shopping malls. In other days, sometimes I stay in my room to write my experience class and weekend writing homework.








Share your thoughts about NexSeed.


I am very grateful to my teachers. They are very kind and patient in teaching me. I was so afraid to speak English before. But they let me take a big step forward to speak English. They are not only my teachers but also my best friends. We always speak up everything and we travel together to visit famous attractions and beaches on weekends in Cebu. I really don’t know how can I show my gratitude to them. I cannot use any language to describe my appreciation.

Besides, though there are some unhappy and dissatisfied with something. But if there is a chance I will still choose NexSeed to learn English.



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