GK apartment




This is our second time to visit the GK apartment. The government and NPO support this apartment project. They help the poor family living here. In this time, most children are in the school, so there are some women are making the craftsmanship. The famous actor sponsor this project. There are different flags in the key rings. It means these would sell in the country of flags. In this project, living in the apartment who can earn money by themselves instead of always get the help from others.








This time, we visit two families. The first family has been living here for two years. They originally lived nearby this apartment, but there was a fire two years ago. Many houses were burned, so they moved to this apartment. There are four members living in this room now, the woman who was interviewed by us, her husband, her son, grandson (one year and two months years old). Her daughter is working in Dubai. She takes care of her grandson. Every day, she keeps in touch with her daughter by video. In fact, Filipino are very close in family relationship. She is worried about her daughter because this is the first time she worked abroad as well as she is alone living there. If I am the daughter I cannot do it. Filipino often tell me when you don't have any choose the only way is that you have to do it because this is a real world. Anyway, we ask her ‘' Are you happy living here?'' She answered is ‘'Yes''.



















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