Cebu pier 3 (slum area)




Do you remember a few days a ago the picture with two little boys? Today I’m going to share about their living-Cebu pier3 (slum area). This area is near the pier. Most of residents have lived here more than ten or twenty years. A family that we visited their home is super small but there are seven family member are living inside. Due to most of living space are really crowded so they don’t have restroom indoor. When they want to use it they need to walk to nealy public restroom. It’s very troublesome. Actually, they are very friendly. Especially children are always smile. That afternoon, it was a deep experience in our mind.


大家還記得幾天前粉絲頁上的那兩個微笑男孩嗎? 今天將分享他們生活的所在- Cebu pier3 (slum area),這是距離宿霧碼頭很近的一個貧民窟,大多住在這裡的居民都已經住在這裡十幾二十年了。記得我們拜訪的家庭,不到兩坪,但住了七口人,而且由於每戶人家空間有限,所以大多數的居民是使用公共廁所。這裡的居民其實都非常友善,尤其是小孩,他們不管到哪裡,總是帶是非常燦爛的微笑。這天下午,真的是一段很深刻的體驗,相信這樣的體驗會扎扎實實的烙印在每個人的回憶之中。









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