A new subject is coming!

This subject is going to use different ways to introduce NexSeed teachers.

Today I'm introducing teacher Thony. Above the painting is his cubicle and also is the place, which is the one-on-one class.






Teacher: Thony

The experience of teaching English: six years

Hobbies: watching movies and traveling






Actually, Thony is also my1 on1 teacher, so I'd like to talk you about our way of class. We usually discuss what we had done recently before we open the textbook. When we have the dialogue once I made mistakes on my grammar or vocabulary that teacher Thony would immediately correct them. This is a kind of useful teaching way because we basically talk our real life. If there are some words that I don't know I would really want to know. There are many chances to use this words, so it's very easy to remember them.

Sometimes, Thony would give me a special practice. I need to create some questions by myself. And I also need to ask other students. So, this is not just talking to the teacher but also talking to other students.

Anyway, each teacher’s teaching methods are different, but I could learn a lot of English. These are very different from Taiwan. And let me fall in love with English deeply. I’m very enjoying talking with other people in English now.




有時候,老師也會給特別的練習,就是自己必須創造一 些問題,然後去問問其他同學的看法,所以並不只是和老師對話,也有機會去和其他同學對話。




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